An alternative to the Accessport? ODB Fusion?

I recently started using ODB Fusion an app for logging, monitoring, and diagnostic work.
It is not an AP and will not change anything or add or remove a tune.

It will log PID's, graph PID's, monitor any number of PID's you choose on 3 rotatable screens. The 3 rotatable screens can be customized to monitor any PID you desire in real time. The AP only shows 6 PID's at a time but with this software you can monitor as many as can fit on the 3 screens. The larger the phone or tablet the more you can monitor. This the best feature of the app.
It will log only 4 PID's from the graph function which is its major drawback as compared to the AP.

It will show all codes, and clear codes if desired.

The preferences and configuration screens let you set it up as you so desire and makes customization easy.
It connects to the ODBII port via an ELM327 Bluetooth device which eliminates the need for a cable.

It was very easy to set up and connect. One drawback is that you have to "connect" it every time you shut the car off because it looses the Bluetooth connection.
I feel it was a good investment for $3.99, There is also an in app purchase ($10.00) available to add more vehicle specific functions. I have not tried the in app functions yet. I do plan to make the $10 purchase and get the greater vehicle specific functions. I will update this review after I use the add on purchase.

Based on cost and function I will give this app 5 stars.
Thanks for the review, I have the ELM327 Bluetooth that I use on my other car. I'll give this app a try.


[MENTION=237]seniorgeek[/MENTION] I haven't checked out the app yet, but can the logs be exported and used in applications like V-Dynos?
[MENTION=237]seniorgeek[/MENTION] I haven't checked out the app yet, but can the logs be exported and used in applications like V-Dynos?
The problem is that this app only let you log 4 PID's which is not enough to get all the necessary log data for V-Dyno or others.
You could use some of the "caculated" PID's like Engine power and Engine Torque but I wouldn't as they are only relative and very accurate.

It does save the logs in a CVS file that is compatible with most other apps.