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Ceremonial Start of Rally of Portugal


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Well, I was in Portugal at the end of May, which coincided with the Rally of Portugal. My visit did not align to any of the stage locations (which I probably would have not gotten to anyway), but I was in Coimbra for the ceremonial start. That's basically a parade drive around the block. This was held at Portugal's oldest university this year. It's previously been held in Guimaraes up north. I've attached a video of Teemu Suninen parking his car. and a couple of pics of the parking area. Not much else to see. The crowd was all set up at the area where they were talking to drivers before they got in their cars. I kind of just set up in a roped off area and asked (made motions) whether the cars would be coming into that area. A Portuguese cop said yes. Funny that I set up right where the M-Sport cars parked. That was about all she wrote.


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