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COBB ATR and Tune Ideas/Sharing


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Anyone know of a hot tip or a great Idea the might want to share with Other COBB ATR owners.

Or if you want to ask a How to question this is the place to do it ..

Now in order to swap tunes with Other's you MUST have a COBB AP and the ATR software or it will not work...

ALSO WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY BAD TUNES OR MAPS You use it YOU ARE Responsable for what ever may come your way..

This Is NOT associated with COBB in anyway this is a friendly little thread of how to and what worked for you..


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I d'nt know if this tread is right, but i try
Hello to all.
Focus RS
I bought this machine equipped with the Mountune M-380 package Cobb device. However I am not sure that the work done was good, because I saw a video, which talks about calibration.
Motor now have 4800 Km about.

Having to start all over again, how should I behave? Can any of you give me instructions, or the complete manual, which I have not received with the instrument?
I would like to restore the original map and then replace the 380 map, trying to really get the best performance. My feeling is that around 4000 rpm there is an uncertainty, a minimum vacuum

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