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Clanking or knocking issue when breaking and accelerating?

La Quinta, CA, USA
Hey guys! New poster here and im trying to see if i can get some sort of advice on how to fix an issue i have on my fiesta.

Ok here is a little bit of a backstory. I bought a salvaged Fiesta and have steadily repaired it through out the past year or so. The initial damage was a collision on the outside where the passenger side fog light is located. It was mainly crash bar and suspension damage so throughout the past year ive replaced pretty much all my passenger side suspension. In order from lower control arm, endlinks, axle drive shaft, inner & outer tie rods sub frame and most recently the strut. Ive done all the repairs myself and it hasnt been too challenging to say the least.

Ever since i replaced my control arm and axle drive shaft, ive had a small weird noise on the passenger side wheel area. Its definitely a suspension or steering issue and not a break issue.The noise sounds like a clank or knock during the time i start my car after its been off for a few hours. I also seemed to hear it while breaking and when i would make a hard acceleration after a complete stop, it was almost as if i had too much grip or power for my own car. The noise seems to drown out after the car is warmed up, but can still hear it mainly when navigating in small areas where all you need is the break and first gear. Fast forward to last month where i replaced my subframe crossmember because of it being out of line since the accident. I went and got my car aligned and i started hearing that same knocking sound, and louder, but it was also coming from the driver side wheel. I just replaced the suspension strut on my car so i would have to get it aligned again, but i dont think aligning it is the main culprit. Ive researched some posts with similar stories around the web and i saw that it was possible that the six point subframe wasn't properly fastened. So this is me typing this post after properly tightening my six point crossmember to the right torque specifications and taking a stroll around the neighborhood with the same problem. I also noticed some sort of oil or grease piling up around my motor mount and the area where the axle drive shafts meet.

Hopefully its not a big issue, thanks in advance.

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