CoolTech vs. GrimmSpeed plate relocation kits


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I've had both now and have come to the conclusion that, for my car, the Grimmspeed is a better fit. It is a little more finicky to install due to the added 3- and 5-mm Allen-headed bolts, but there is one thing that that (for my car) makes all the difference.

The bumper bolt provided with the GrimmSpeed is a much easier fit to the tow hook threads on my car. It just hand tightens right in there, then a little application of a 17 mm socket and it's good.

I definitely found the CoolTech item to be trickier in that way. Otherwise, the CoolTech product was more elegant and obviously designed for the RS (bolt it on on attach the plate), while the GrimmSpeed item is more "generic" (very adjustable) in its overall fitment (with the exception of the bumper bolt).

My experience (YMMV):

I encountered a problem re-attaching the CoolTech after my initial track day earlier this month. It would not mate and then the first thread appeared to strip (widen) slightly. CoolTech was kind enough to send a replacement, which I could NOT get to mate (even though the tow hook mated easily and fully hand tightened). In fact, while trying to hand tighten the big CoolTech bolt (for fear of stripping it by using a nut driver to help locate it), I dropped the damn thing into the splitter/front valance area. I had to get the damn car up on a lift at my track-prep shop to get it out. Hah.

The GrimmSpeed bumper bolt threads right on -- just like the tow hook. It makes me wonder if the CoolTech bolts I had were slightly off in terms of thread pitch. The GrimmSpeed item is a little more time consuming to attach due to the added little positioning bolts, but I'll happily deal with those and trade the easier bumper bolt fitment. My nephew-in-law Alex has the CoolTech and has had no issues. He also takes it on and off for track days, so maybe it's just a problem with my car due to an initial bumper thread tweak on my part. Who knows, but I'm happy now (although I do have a CoolTech plate relocator sitting out in the garage). It certainly is not the first (nor most expensive) part that I've purchased, reconsidered, and removed. I'm wary of reselling that part as I do not want someone to have the same experience as me.