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Laid-back track day with SCCA at The Ridge 7/23/19


Senior Member
Hey fellow mods (and any other random visitors, hah), I got out to The Ridge this week with the SCCA track night folks -- and my Waylens Horizon camera finally worked as intended. Yay. There had been some prior user glitches I must admit, but my process of startup now appears to work (car on, auto off off, track mode on, Waylens set to nearby track once GPS is found, and DO NOT power off the car until the sessions is done). Bam. Fingers crossed this continues to work as intended.

I got videos of my 3 very easy-going lapping sessions. Fun and stress free. Not especially fast, but entertaining. Nice to have a little record of the sessions so I can see where I can make adjustments. Mostly carrying more speed through some technical bits, tracking the car out to track edge on corner exit, maybe later braking (although that will eat up my pads faster). All that should cut some time off my overall lap times, which is fine. But, considering my current strict 7/10ths approach, the car is very stable and easy to drive. Main objectives: Drive home with no mechanical or other "issues," have fun, build speed a little, and be consistent. Objectives accomplished! Experimenting with various possible adjustments is a secondary objective, but easier to do on a full-day event.

To tell the truth, I think the Fiesta ST is a little more entertaining in the twisty bits (less inherently stable at speed?), but with all the power mods and the iffy mountune shift linkage, that is really just my (very fun) daily driver, town car (parks anywhere). I love the RS. It's very stable and confidence inspiring.

I have two videos posted to YouTube. One is an entire session, basically just a kick-back set of laps with reasonable consistency. The other is a single lap showing a Mini doing an oddball track exit at the crest of the hill for Turn 3. Warning: I express abrupt profanity in the short video. Twice. First, when the Mini driver pulls his point by back as I'm getting set to pass, then when he/she steers/drives off the track in Turn 3. I wondered if it was a medical or mechanical issue, but I talked to one of the organizers and he said that maybe the driver was just scared off the track. That is one thing about SCCA TNiA, some folks who think they belong in the intermediate group maybe should not be in that group.

Full session video (quick, gutted Civic catches me near the end of this session):

One lap video (short, profanity-riddled, video with oddball Mini behavior):