Some of our past projects and work.

Alright every one I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday weekend but now it's time to get back to work. I would like to thank the forum for the warm welcome. Were very excited to see what we can offer your community. Our goal is to offer stuff for everyone, from the street car guys to the high boost race car crowd. Right now our shop car is at Echelon Autosports getting the graphics wrapped up. Tomorrow I'll post some pics and show you how she looks. For now Here is a little collection of some of the past work we have done over the years. It should give you a idea of the quality you can expect out of our RS Focus catalog. Hope you like what you see.

A T4 s2k build
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A twinscroll big turbo 2g DSM turbo kit
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T3 Precision SER Sentra kit
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A factory placement Mini Cooper upper IC pipe. Fits like a glove and doesn't touch anywhere
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And some weld porn
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