Will I Like a Focus RS?

Hello everyone, my first post. I am in the market for a new, relatively “fast” car. Criteria are 0-60 is less than 4.9 (have to at least be faster than a 370Z), manual transmission, sounds great, fun to drive and be 40K or less in price and have 4 doors. I currently have a Fiesta ST, I traded a WRX in for it and it was intended to be my commuter car. It was a bad move, I like the car but it is SLOW in a straight line. It handles good but is way too slow for me. I also have a 2017 Camaro RS V6 automatic 8 speed, it’s decent but more of a “cruiser” car. I liked my WRX, except for the rev hang and I also had a 2011 MazdaSpeed 3 for 4 years. I loved the MS3 being a hatch- it was very practical and that is part of the reason for going to the Fiesta ST.

Coming from Mazda Miatas, Civic SI’s past WRX’s. MazdaSpeed 3 and wanting just a little better performance, will I like the Focus RS? Will it be a good daily driver to rotate with the Camaro RS? I am mainly interested in fast off the line- to keep up with or ahead of traffic and a fun to drive car that I can row the gears. It is going to replace my Fiesta ST and my C4 Corvette, 2 for one.

So is the RS pretty fast, fun to drive? How is the torque off the line? And how does it sound, are there different sound modes? Is it exhaust sound or fake sound from a symposer like the Fiestas ST has? Are the seats too restrictive or do you get used to them?

Thanks, I do intend to test drive one soon, thought I would get some input from a forum first.


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I think you'll love it. The sounds is from the exhaust, there's no fake sound that's pumped in. Seats are great, nice and snug.