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Pro Alloy radiator upgrade with 14" fan and oil cooler - IN STOCK

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Las Vegas
Blown away is what comes to mind as I unpack these Pro Alloy goods
Fiesta ST uprated radiator with 14” fan option and street series oil cooler kit!
You always hear “look at those welds” and my hand made this or that is top notch. Then you get your hands on Pro Alloy and the game changes, literally.
In my opinion the craftsmanship of these parts are second to none.
This quality does come at a price so be aware.
Pro Alloy goods are not priced to be the cheapest or to be in competition with another brand. Pro Alloy is something you purchase when you know what you are looking for and you’ll be overjoyed with what you receive.

Below are some don’t hate me because I’m beautiful pics
Stop by the site to view various parts from Pro Alloy in addition to the radiator upgrades
- intercoolers
-coolant tanks
-oil sump kits
link to product (fan upgrade will be added shortly) https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...-alloy-radiator-and-oil-cooler-fiesta-st-2014


M-Sport fan

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Thank you Ron! [thumb] :love:

I'd be curious to know how many more cfm that fan pulls over the factory one.
Does it plug into the factory fan module, or somehow totally bypass it?

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