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If you're going to do track days, the fire extinguisher is a good idea.
Drake makes some nice stuff. Good choice!
All the stuff landed, so I installed it. The Kap bracket fits like factory! Thank you, Russell!

I snagged a couple of fasteners at Tacoma Screw (free! thanks Paul) and my friends at TLC Auto in Kirkland snipped the excess thread off the t-bolt clamp so the FE would sit flush to floor correctly.


A couple of notes:

  • Apparently the seat mounting bolts for the AU vs. US seats are not the same. At least, mine had conventional hex-head bolts. Russell's had a "Torx" fastnerer. Just a heads up.
  • The WeatherTech mat will go back in there, but won't clip in with the mount and/or FE in place. Stock mat fits perfect and clips in. I switched back for the passenger side. I can always wedge the WT mat in there for winter.
  • The Drake mount is made for "off road" applications so the quick-release (QR) part is made to mount to a cage with smaller t-bolt clamps. However, there are countersunk bolt/screw holes. A couple of washers, little bolts, and nuts -- secure as can be.
  • The Safecraft PB2 FE uses Halon (2B:C rated) and is relatively compact (~ 3 inches in diameter). The Drake "large" clamps work, although the next size down MIGHT fit better, especially for the "upper" clamping point (I think the FE tapers).
  • Lastly, Oscar-the-pug has NEVER ONCE been in this car, but his hair is sprinkled all over the carpet. Pugs shed, friends. Pugs shed.
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Looks nice...

Yup, my co. sells Drake mounts and they go on Jeep roll bars.