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Peron Super Stock manifold may be here sooner than expected!

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Pictured below is in fact the new design of the Peron Super Stock manifold. The name is derived from the flange being for stock style flanged turbos, not necessarily for a stock turbo.
The purpose of this manifold being for any hybrid available to possibly turbos using an adapter flange (although not designed for adapter flange kits, but will work well)

The manifold will be partially cast in CF8C+ which is pretty neat.
Preliminary tests show gains with a hybrid turbo equipped. When released for purchase to the public there will be documented graphs specifically indicating what you can expect from bolting on the Peron Super Stock manifold.

One question that is nearly always asked is "how will this help a stock turbo?" Well being the bearer of bad news so to speak for this product as well as the VUDU CNC manifold, there just isn't enough air flow from the stock turbo to see measurable gains. I'd really love to say otherwise but that's the scoop.

Next most popular question is "how much will it cost?" I'll give as much detail as possible but know I'm a Peron dealer not in charge of setting price.
I was told to be ready for a range of price inbetween $700-$750 USD. Please don't hold me to that as the price could fluctuate a bit either way.

Last bit of info which I felt was one of those "huh, really?" type discussions.
The manifold on the left in the lower picture may look familiar. I'll give you one guess who was the first to manufacture this type of manifold. Then I'll give you another guess who decided NOT to mass produce because it actually makes less power yet there are some companies that still produce this style manifold. Just some fun things you learn along the way.

Anyway, the ram horn style "Super Stock Manifold" is an exciting new offering from Peron. I'm anxious for one to be bolted to our new hybrid turbo that will be available at about the same time as this manifold in Q1 of 2019

Lot's of great options and new things on the horizon.
Thanks for looking [rockon]


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